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The Hallite 714 double-acting piston seal is a compact seal for medium to heavy-duty applications. In double-acting telescopic cylinders or phasing cylinders, the seal’s reinforced, heat-stabilized, thermoplastic sealing face with step-cut joint is an ideal choice because it allows the seal to pass over ports without damage.;Choose from a broad air cylinder selection at Grainger. Whether the piston is a disc or a cylinder, each pneumatic cylinder is designed to transfer force to move an object when compressed gas expands if the gas is at a greater pressure than the atmospheric pressure.;Get Compact, Versatile Swing Clamp Cylinder Takes Maximum Torque in Low-Profile Package product details and parts from New Equipment Digest. View descriptions, specs, and get a quote from the supplier.;CQ Compact actuators are available for single or double-acting operation with output torques up to 600,000 Nm. Pneumatic operation is available using instrument air, nitrogen or clean natural gas at 12 barg pressure, whilst 210 barg is recommended for hydraulic operation.;Ultra-compact size has been achieved, with a cross-section of only 12 mm and a body length as short as 60 mm. The Mini Cylinder RCD is small enough to replace compact air cylinders used for short-stroke travel, pressing, hoisting, etc.

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Cylinders with piston rods: as compact cylinders, short-stroke cylinders, flat cylinders, round cylinders, miniature cylinders, cartridge cylinders or stainless steel air cylinders Specified types in accordance with the ATEX directive are suitable for explosive atmospheres or are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel and therefore ;In a single acting air cylinder, the cylinder contains pneumatic porting for drive in only one direction. Single-action air cylinders frequently incorporate a return spring to the unpowered position. In double acting air cylinders, both sides of the piston can be pressurized for reversible motion (instroke and outstroke). Double acting air ;Air Cylinder/Pneumatic Compact Cylinder/SMC cylinder--SDA Cylinder--Double acting Bore:12~100mm W. Double Acting Pneumatic Cylinder/Pneumatic Actuator-SC Series Cylinder Working Pressure: 0.1~1Mpa. Cylinder Air Pneumatic Cylinder with Single or Double Shaft, ISO6431 Available in Standard Type.;Air motors are powered by compressed air. They operate at relatively high speeds in industrial and spark-prohibited applications. They can be regulated easily for speed and torque, and can stop and reverse very quickly. They are commonly used in many industrial applications and are noted for their ;The Hallite 15 rod seal has been well proven in many applications requiring a compact, low friction seal to work efficiently both at low and high pressures. The seal comprises a rubberised fabric U ring to give strength and durability, to which is moulded a rubber header. It is designed to have a controlled pre-load;Are you looking for more information about Compact air cylinder, single-acting, inches AEN and its quality features? Find the right product type and order online easily from Festo!;Air. Pressure. Motion. Piston rod cylinders. Includes an extended piston rod and a pneumatic-hydraulic brake system which is mounted onto the cylinder. DIN ISO 15552, piston diameter 32 to 125 mm. single acting. Single acting compact cylinder with magnetic piston for proximity sensors and built-in cushionig rings, piston diameter 20

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The VB actuator is a single acting pneumatic clamp cylinder with built in oleo pneumatic intensifier producing a force up to 2100 daN. Compact and easy to install for clamping, holding and riveting applications.;Do a lot with very little – those are the ideal specifications for the use of our compact cylinders. The modular design of our compact cylinders provides a cylinder package with many size and mounting variants. Single-acting and double-acting versions are offered, plus male or female threaded piston rod, single or double rod end versions ;Compact single acting pneumatic cylinder with magnetic piston for proximity sensors and built-in cushioning rings. Standard stroke lengths 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, max 60 mm. Additional lengths on request. Double acting, with magnetic piston. Lateral air connection, rear.;European machine builders looking for a range of high performance ISO 21287 compliant compact actuators need look no further thanks to the latest development from world leaders, SMC Pneumatics, with the launch of their new generation – Series C55, double acting, single rod, air operated cylinders.Designed to meet a broad range of automation ;25mm Bore 50mm Stroke Mini Pneumatic Air Cylinder Double Acting Element: Description: The use of thick hard aluminum oxide cylinder block, high strength, no deformation, no corrosion, significantly extending the service life of the cylinder.;Single Acting Air Cylinders. each pneumatic cylinder is designed to transfer force to move an object when compressed gas expands if the gas is at a greater pressure than the atmospheric pressure. This powerful mechanical force powers pneumatic cylinders to move a piston in a specific direction. Shop a large air cylinder selection at ;MAL 25mm x 200mm Single Rod Double Acting Mini Pneumatic Air Cylinder MAL25x 200. Free shipping . SMC Double Acting Compact Air Pneumatic Cylinder CDU16-30D 16 Bore 30 Stroke * AU $54.20 + AU $27.10 Shipping . Stroke 30mm Mini Pneumatic Air Cylinder Pen Double Acting CDJ2B10-30-B Bore D0E6 40mm Bore Double Acting Standard Pneumatic Air

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Piston Cylinders Our Piston Cylinders are available in single acting and double acting configurations. With many body design variations choose the one that fits your application. Whether you are looking for the economical design like our Round Body Cylinders or need an actuator that will fit in a limited space application like our compact cylinders … Piston Cylinders Read More »

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